Raise awareness of the community on dangers of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

  • Educate girls and the community on the effects of FGM.
  • Elicit community involvement in the effort to keep girls in school and fight discrimination against uncircumcised girls.
  • Honor those in the frontline of fighting Female Genital Mutilation by involving them as chief guests in the run.

" The FGM project is supported by a network of 60 community based supporters who support the Mission and identify families that have abandoned the practice.

" Seminars for girls - Alternative rites passage

During the months of April, August and December alternative rite of passage ceremonies are conducted for girls who shun away from FGM. 400 girls have benefited from the seminars which discuss about Maasai Traditions rites, the importance of FGM in the Maasai Culture, dangers of FGM, myths and misconceptions of FGM, Drug Abuse, peer counseling, sex education and harassment.

" Youth training

The youth in Transmara admit that learned girls commanded a lot of respect in the society. They said that the strategy currently employed only seemed to target the girl at the expense of the boy and in this regard they asked, "…would the educated uncircumcised girls be willing to be married by the uneducated men..." They also said that they felt obliged to marry circumcised girls due to custom demand. "

To date, 300 elders, a group considered to be the top in the community decision making ladder, have been sensitized about the harmfulness of FGM. However, it is a fact that elders are in denial as those responsible for the continuation of the practice.

  • Cherish Others is being supported by three reform circumcisers and two traditional herbalists, 5 traditional birth attendants in its campaign activities. Circumcisers confessed that they did it as an Income Generating Activity, while the Traditional Birth Attendants and herbalists called for more training and issuance of licenses for their trade.